My Conspiracy Theory

I understand the severity of these allegations but I also think that there are some things that are worth noting.


Bernie takes this kid under his wing when he is young.  He gives him everything and acts like a father to him.  They are very close for years and Fine helps him to get onto AAU teams, college ball, and eventually play professionally in Germany.  Now it doesn't seem as if his professional career is extensive as he comes back to Syracuse and for some reason is borrowing $5,000 from Bernie in 2001.  Bernie gets angry that he isn't paying him back and grabs him by the throat at Manley.  Bobby openly admits that he never paid back this loan and cut off all ties with Bernie following this.

Here is where some of my theories come in.  From 2001 on Bobby Davis no longer has any connection with Syracuse Basketball, a program that he was very close to for a majority of his life.  What happens in 2003 everybody? Syracuse wins the National Championship, I can't believe that everybody has failed to mention this.  Davis is broke and pissed off.  He wants to tear down the program that he feels betrayed him.  And he has just the perfect way of doing it.  Having spent so much time with Bernie growing up he can make these allegations.  Nobody believes him.  The police tell him he is outside the statute of limitations so he decides to add to his story by saying that he was molested all the way up until he was 27 (that puts him well within the five years).  He literally goes to ESPN by himself and tries to sell the story.  They don't believe him and rightfully should not.  So he backs away.


All of a sudden Penn State is in the news.  The kids that were molested there are going to get millions of dollars from the university.  Bobby's step brother finally agrees that it is worth it to try to go along with his story as he also spent time with Bernie growing up.  I've even heard that it was ESPN who contacted Bobby Davis again following Penn State even before his step brother had anything to say at all.


A few other things...

Honestly, have you ever seen an alleged child molestation victim give a TV interview.  We don't even know the names of the Penn State victims, they're not in it for the money.  Can anybody guess how much money Bobby Davis and Lang got for the OTL interview?

How hard is it to make up a story?  You write it down and rehearse it, not impossible.  Davis and Lang's interviews were incredibly vague anyways.  And what is everybody's take on the general intelligence of these two guys?  Because I will go ahead and say that they did not sound articulate enough in their interviews to be smart enough to know that making up a story would be a terrible idea.  And let us all face it, there are some really dumb people out there.  ESPN contacts Davis again and all of a sudden he and his step brother decide that this is their opportunity.

Anything Bobby's mother is saying now is a self fulfilling prophesy.  If your son tells you he was molested you believe him and start to change memories into something that goes along with the story.

And I will never open a Dana O'Neil article ever again, don't get me started on Schwarz.  Lost a lot of respect for ESPN even if it all turns out to be true.


Please feel free to agree or disagree with me, correct me, hate on me, do whatever you want...  I just feel like there were some things that needed to be said.

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