Should Syracuse University Buy The New York Mets?

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 23: New York Mets new manager Terry Collins poses for photographs in the dugout after a press conference at Citi Field on November 23 2010 in New York New York. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The New York Metropolitans are for sale. Kinda...

The New York Mets are exploring a partial sale of the team as they face a lawsuit from a trustee trying to reclaim money for victims of the Bernard Madoff swindle.

Court-appointed trustee Irving Picard has said the Mets made nearly $48 million in Madoff's scheme. He said the Mets originally invested about $523 million, but eventually withdrew about $571 million from the accounts.

Between the connection to Madoff, partnering with Citibank and their play in the last decade, the Mets really are in the business of screwing people over. (Don't yell at me, I'm a Mets fan!)

So the Mets need help. Should Syracuse answer the call? i.e. Should Syracuse University (or a group formed by its alumni) buy the minority stake in the organization? We've got some extra cash on hand thanks to Doug Marrone, might as well spend it in a hurry before someone spends it all on campus delivery.

Let's figure it out.


Color scheme - Syracuse is orange and blue (take that gray nonsense and shove it). The Mets are orange and blue. You wouldn't even have to change anything. CORPORATE SYNERGY!

New York's College/Baseball Team - Maybe you've heard of it? It's a slogan that Syracuse uses from time to time (to time to time).You want to make a serious impact right away AND piss the Yankees right off? Four words for you...New York's Baseball Team. Boom.

NYC Home Stadium: What DOC has been waiting for. Watch as Syracuse starts to move more and more home games into Citi Field until all of a sudden the only game in the Dome is the one against our annual FCS opponent.

SNY - Syracuse and the Mets are already heavily-vested in the network. Now we can really take over. First step? Putting Syracuse, and not UConn, at the top of the Big East scrolldown menu. In fact, why isn't that happened anyway?

Plus, think of the crossover potential.

DOC & DOC: Daryl Gross and Doc Gooden talk about the day's current events.

Marrone Tastes Manhattan: Doug Marrone samples new Italian sausages and brats each week from a NYC sidewalk cart, joined each week by Fred Wilpon who just stands next to Marrone while he eats.

Jose Reyes - QB: Jose Reyes straps on the helmet and tries out as the starting quarterback for Syracuse in 2011. But what happens when he gets the job? Hilarity and hijinks, that's what!

Charley Loeb, King of Queens: A reality dating show where 20 lucky Queens girls battle it out to be Ridiculously-Good-Looking Charley Loeb's girlfriend? Yes please...


Goodbye, Pinstripe Bowl - Hope you enjoyed the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl cause we're never going to another one again. In fact, the Yankees would probably petition to host Rutgers and UConn every year even if they're 0-12 just out of spite.

Marrone Will Be Pissed - Mr. I Grew Up In The Basement Of Yankee Stadium And Spent Every Day Of My Youth Drinking Graig Nettles Sweat From A Catcher's Mitt will not be happy. Just sayin'.

The Great Mr. Met/Otto War Of 2012: You've been wondering how the world ends. Now you know. We need to keep these two separate for as long as possible.

So considering the end of life as we know it is on the line, it's best that we table this purchase for now. Maybe we start with the Binghamton Mets instead. It's not the NYC grab that we were hoping for, but at least it's closer. Baby steps...

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