SU vs. Seton Hall....I was THERE man....I saw.......STUFF!

Sat in 110, so those of you not familiar with the Dome, it's basically right behind the opposing bench, and I was about 13 rows from the floor, right above the away team tunnel (I yelled plenty of  "JERSEY SUCKS" when it was applicable, which was always).  Decent seats, thanks scalper!


But I digress.


So, like the 21,000 or so folks that headed to the Hill for this one, I expected a win.  So did our team, apparently.


I've made a few cracks about Scoop so far this year, and as much as I like the guy, and the player, he really has been just short of awful.  I feel like it isn't being stressed enough that he DOESN'T need to be our SCORER and put up 30 like Kemba Walker.  The start of the year when he just breaks out and feeds everybody all game we have done GREAT!  We WHOOPED everyone we played. He needs to step it up, but that doesn't mean he needs to take more shots.


Triche has been somewhat of an enigma.  You know the kid cares about the team, but he keeps his heart inside locked up tight.  I love the Triche running the floor and yelling out in triumph when he hits the improbable shot.  I don't like the quiet, un-assuming Triche that, although he plays well enough, doesn't seem very passionate..  Maybe I'm being too rough on him and that is just him.


Rick Jackson.  Good game.  Missed some point-blank period. layups and a dunk but another double-double isn't complaint worthy.

A few things frustrated me in this game. 

Our guards? They looked way too comfortable losing.  Standing STRAIGHT UP, not moving or rotating very much on more than a few possessions.   Hands at sides, knees aren't bent.  Just resigned.  YUCK. 

Rebounds?  Though Rick did grab a nice amount, I felt for the third straight game (Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what an ODD trend!) we lacked on the glass.  Too many of our shots were squandered.  ITS NOT A FAST BRAKE IF THE OTHR TEAM IS ALREDY PLAYING THEIR SET DEFNESE REMEBER THAT!  We did lots of little tippies.  JUMP UP AND GRAB THE BALL!  It's OK! You'll come back down to the floor!  A fabulous concept, this gravity, but don't take advantage! We know the ball will come back down, be we can't wait for it to fall.

I LOVE James Southerland as much as a heterosexual can without making marriage to him illegal (in most states).  I really think he needs to come off the bench.  Starting was no good for him.  He needs to be tactically inserted, a la Call of Duty.

Dion.  Don't mess with Boeheim.  You came to school, and you will only become as great as the knowledge you gain as a person and a player.  You can learn everything you need to, as long as you are WILLING.  You play college ball.  ON A TEAM. That is all.


On my final note, I must say this:

  I stayed till zero is on the clock.  I cheered when they scored, even if there was 15.9 seconds left and it meant nothing towards the outcome.  This is our team.  Gotta show love.  People out there really must realize that noise is our ally, if you want to sit quietly, sit on your couch! Give your tickets to some neighborhood hooligans!  If you go to the dome, MAKE SOME DAMN NOISE! (Ok, your voice hurts, you have an aversion to raising your voice around children, your breath smells really bad....ok ok LEAST stand and clap till they score.  Sections of that crowd last night were depressing.)


Get rested and focused on the next one.  We aren't finished yet!!!



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