Week 1 Bettors Guide (and some music recommendations)

 I tried (and failed miserably) to keep this up last season and I can promise you all that I will make more an effort to post my weekly gambling thoughts on Fridays. 

The main difference between this year and last is that this year I lack a nagging, high-maintenance, controlling, mean/bitchy, condescending girlfriend.  Which frees up even more time to obsess about college (and pro) football.  Yay.



freedom, Andy......freedom

A'ight ya'll.  Time for Week 1 of the 2010 season.  The Ground Rules: some of you may remember that each week I pick a small slate of games (2-3) and give my irrational thoughts on them.  I will pick the Syracuse game and then perhaps 1-2 others that strike my fancy and I will try to keep it relevant to the Big East and/or Top 25.

Oh, and I think I will toss in a few music recommendations as well.  I listen to a ton of indie rock, so maybe I can expose you guys to some good new music.  Impress your friends at parties!

Enough with the formalities!  Let's take a look at some of the weekend's fine slate of upcoming games:

Syracuse vs. Akron:

- The Spread: Syracuse -7½

- The Pick: Syracuse (DUH!!)

- The Rationale: I said this the other day, I think Syracuse cruises comfortably in this game but perhaps gives up a late score or two to make the score look much closer than the game.  The spread was -9 the other day so the betting public is taking Akron - this is a good sign.  And we all agree that Akron isn't really anything special right?  I read on the comments that they were picked last in the MAC...the MAC, right?  Ok.  And it isn't like playing in Akron is like playing at the Swamp or Death Valley.  So - I don't see it.  I like Syracuse to roll.  23-13 or thereabouts feels about right.

Boise St vs. VaTech:

- The Spread: Boise State -1½

- The Pick: Boise State

- The Rationale: BSU is on a mission this year.  This is a talented team that has a proficient offense (Kellen Moore!!) and a relatively underrated defense.  Not to mention that they have 19 (!!) returning starters this year (nine offense, 10 defense).  This team is on a mission.  And the spread was BSU -3, so the betting public is backing VaTech.  Let 'em.  Take the Broncos.



REAL ESTATE.  I love this band.  They are best defined as indie rock, however, their music can also be described as "surf wave" (meaning they are a combination of sort of "new wave" and "surf rock").  Many have compared Real Estate's sound to early Beach Boys (think Pet Sounds) - but they have a slightly more psychedelic/indie rock feel to it.  These guys hail from Ridgewood New Jersey (ATTN: SEAN!!), and their music is so chill and so laid-back (yet with a slight edge, if that makes sense) - that it instantly makes the perfect backyard end-of-summer BBQ soundtrack.

Here's another description:

Opening act Real Estate’s sound wafts in on vibes of hazy summers from days past living in the burbs. Flagged by Stereogum as a "Band to Watch," this Yo La Tengo-influenced quartet recently released its debut, full-length LP Real Estate and garnered critical praise and "best new music" accolades.

I don't know how much I agree with the YLT comparison but....sure!  Why not?  Anyway, Start with a song called "Suburban Beverage" (the chorus repeats: "Budwesier, Sprite, do ya feel alright?") and then step up to the instrumental jam "Atlantic City."  "Beach Comber" is fantastic too.  Give these guys a shot.  They're touring with Deerhunter this autumn, if that's your thing, but these guys shine in their solo sets.  Enjoy!

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