WEEK 3 PICKS: Third Saturday in September Edition

OK everyone - do you know what time it is?  College footall time.  This week's slate is lackluster compared to last week.  However, there are some under-the-radar goodies coming up.  'Cuse vs. Maine is an obvious one, but the other two I'm going to focus on are Arizona - Iowa and Florida Tennessee.

I sort of like how Tennessee and Florida play this annual game coming up on Saturday.  In 1996, these two teams faced off in a pretty epic battle.  Tennessee was #2 in the country heading into this game and the QB was a little-known guy named Peyton Manning.  Florida #4 in the country and was led by the Ol' Ball Coach.  Now, I'm first going to describe the hit as was written to me in an email by the EDSBS guys a few yrs ago:

1995. Peyton Manning throws a post into a tampa cover two against Florida to Joey Kent, who catches the ball and is annihilated by safety Lawrence Wright playing over the top. Kent's face swelled up and he had trouble breathing.

No video I've been able to find, but it's one of the few hits I've HEARD and seen in person. You're right--it was incredible. there's video, Orson Swindle!!  If I had to describe this hit with one word: SNOTBUBBLES:

Joey Kent vs. Lawrence Wright (via dbsand120).  #boomgoesthedynamite

Without further ado....the picks:

Florida vs. Tennessee:

- The Spread: Florida -14

- The Pick: Florida -14

Jesus whodathunkit that Univeristy of Florida would become the new Thug U. of the South!!  Yikes.  Anyway I see these clowns going into beast mode on Saturday and smoking Tennessee.  The 'Vols are in for a long season.  Their coach (Dooley) even admitted that they were going to have trouble passing against Florida.  Should be a fun game to watch, if nothing else because it's going to be a massacre.

Iowa vs. Arizona:

- The Spread: Pick 'Em

- The Pick: Arizona

I like games where it's a home night game and the home team is perhaps the lower ranked team yet needs the game - I think that's the case here.  Obviously 'Zona would get 3 pts for being the home team - so a pick 'em here suggests that Iowa is favored by 3 (at least in a tacit sense).  Anyway, I like Arizona.  Nick Foles is NASTY and yes, I know that Adrian Clayborn and Iowa can play a little D, but I still like Arizona to make enough plays to pull this thing out.  Arizona at night will be a tough place to play.

Maine vs. Syracuse:

- The Spread: N/A (however it looks like it opened at Syracuse -20½ )

- The Pick: Syracuse

I can't seem to find any books that are still taking bets on this game.  That means everyone thinks that our beloved Orange should S M O K E Maine.  I share these thoughts.  Syracuse should absolutely cruise here.  I am not afraid at all of a 3-TD spread because, in reality, that's about how much better Syracuse is than Maine.  Seriously.


Week 3 Music Recommendation:

I hope that some (any?) of you checked out either Howlin' Rain and/or Real Estate - both great bands.

This week's recommendation:


These guys are different, that's for sure.  They're from Australia and I think I would describe them as electronic indie pop.  You will definitely dig these guys if you liked any of the 1980's New Wave music (think Talking Heads, INXS, Joy Division, maybe even some A Flock of Seagulls, some of The Cure, etc.). 

They're almost like dance music but with guitars and much more of a rock feel to it.  There is definitely a great energy to their music and it is, quite frankly, infectious.  You can download their newest single here.  I'd also recommend Far Away (which was featured in an episode of Nip/Tuck last year) and Out There on the Ice is pretty good too.  One way to describe this music: it's the kind of stuff you want to hear when you are perhaps having a cocktail before you head out for a night with your friends.  Regardless, enjoy it!  Happy listening.

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