Way, way, way too early 2010 SU Football predictions

I hate summer. Every year as memorial day approaches I try to talk myself into thinking it won't be so bad. I mean, I get my vacation, theres the 4th of July, pleasant weather and baseball. But holy crap, its not even July and I already am wishing football were here. By the time August football camp rolls around I'll be foaming at the mouth.

It was about this time last year that I posted up my predictions for the upcoming football season, and I came pretty darn close: I predicted 5-7, my only miss was @ L'ville. At any rate, Here's my thoughts on the upcoming season:

@ Akron - W - Some folks think this is a tough opener, given that its a road game. Sure, road games can be tricky, but folks, its Akron. Even if Delone can't fight his way back from suspension (bad pun intended) he'll still put up 200 yds and 3 TDs on the Zips. Chances are they'll be even worse than last year, and we'll be better. Doug will have this team focused and hungry, and will roll them by 20+. SU heads into UW brimming with confidence.

@ Washington - L - Back to reality, somewhat. Washington is a good team, and I honestly think both teams will be fairly evenly matched, but Jake Locker and the 3000 mile road trip will tip the scales in UW's favor. If UW is looking past this game, SU has a fighting chance. In the end it'll be a respectable loss, but still dissappointing.

Maine - W - SU will play the entire game like they did the 2nd half of last years matchup vs the black bears. RGLCL makes his first appearance in the 3rd quarter, thus prompting Sean to rename his blog to RGLCLIAAM. For one hour.

Colgate - W - See Maine.

@ USF - W - Call me crazy but I think SU will coming off the bye, and will be road tested to pull off a mild shocker on Skip and the unsuspecting Bulls to start 1-0 in the Big East. October Curse continues for the Bulls.

Pitt - L - I expect Pitt to be ranked much of the season, and since I'm predicting SU to come in at 4-1 I expect a big turnout this game by the hometown fans. SU will be very much in this game, but Pitt will still have enough of an edge to take this game. A late pick by Nassib spells doom for SU, as fans boo him off the field.

@ WVU - L - Ugly loss. WVU may not be the best in the Big East right now, but still in the upper echelon of the conference. SU will have better days. RGLCL gets lots of PT, building his case to become starter.

@ Cincy - L - I expect Cincy to be on the way back down next season, but this team still has enough leftovers to make this a difficult roadtrip for the Orange. Next season will be different. QB controversey builds behind a cult following of RGLCL.

L'ville - W - After a tough stretch for SU, they finally catch a break and smash UL. Great day for the Orange D, who refuse to allow a TD.

@ Rutgers - L - Vengence for RU for last seasons belly-flop at the Dome. RU benefits from poor officiating to escape with the W. And of course, Schiano retains his crown as king asshole of the conference.

UConn - W - SU punishes Randy Edsall for his shenanigan's during last year's game. SHAMARKO picks off a pass and returns it for a TD right in front of the UConn bench. Nassib has a career day, solidfying his status as the starting QB.

BC - W - Ok, I'm not sold on this one yet. But assuming SU is healthy and comes into this game with a winning record, the fans will pack the Dome and help carry the Orange to sealing their first winning season since 2001. Due to conference tie breakers, SU lands in the Beef bowl with UCF.

So 7-5 is my take. I think the Orange will be better than most think, and it'll finally show up not only on the field but also in their record. I may be overly optimistic, but I think SU will be bowling even if they finish 6-6. What are your thoughts, folks? (besides that fact that I need find better things to do to get through the summer)

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