Open letter to TNIAAM addicts everywhere

This is sort of a follow up to TheRenegadePumpkin's GTKYFM post earlier. Genuinely looking forward to reading more about my fellow TNIAAM addicts. Not because I'm creepy, but since I live so far from Syracuse and seldom make it to an actual event and probably will never meet anyone here face-to-face. Many thanks to all that contribute to making this such a great place to read up on Syracuse-related stuff. Most of all:

To our fearless leader -

First off, thanks Sean  and congrats for putting together another great year of TNIAAM. Seriously, it can't be said enough that the Cuse Nation has desperately needed a site like this for a long time. I think that what you're pulling off here is awesome. Whether you planned it this way or not, I find this site to be brilliant in the same way that guys over at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert  Report (and others as well) do what they do so succssfully by blending the right amount of humor, opinion and factual information. All of this, while simultaneously leaving room for discussion amongst the rest of us followers. You're also not too proud own up to a mistake every now and then, and also tip your hat to others when you present information they have either stumbled across or worked hard obtain themselves. Well done sir. Awesome work.

With regard to TNIAAM other and Syracuse Blogs -

There are several other good sites I read up on from time to time as well, but, most of them focus one area (either humor, opinion or facts) and they're simply not readable on a day to day basis because it grows stale, or, the bloggers themselves aren't particularly good what it is they're trying to do. I generally appreciate the effort, except, my number one pet peeve about other Syracuse bloggers/writers will present their opinion as fact, and/or every now and then stumble across some factoid, nugget of SU sports history or other scuttlebut and either a) get it completely wrong or b) present it in a I'm-holier-than-thou manner seems more like a self-proclimation of personal awesomeness than actually trying to spur intelligent thought or discussion. Even the beat writers at Standard will do this from time to time (you know who I'm talking about). When in reality there's a good chance many readers (like the ones you find on this site) already knew what was about to be revealed anyways. In short, (and Sean I know you're quick to defend other bloggers), but, this site avoids this completely and leaves what information is presented up to our own interpretations.

To my fellow TNIAAM addicts -

Thanks for your insight on things happening all around the Cuse Nation. Honestly, I wish I knew more folks like you when I was in at SU. I could be wrong, but my personal opinion is that Syracuse has some of the absolute best fans in all of college sports, but also some of the very, very worst and hardly anything in between. Somehow, this site collects the top half and I think we all are better fans for it. And if you flip over to any other syracuse related message board, you'll find mostly a mindless rabble of homers and trolls just a very select few that have anything productive or intelligent to say. In contrast, this is about the only site I can come to for an honest discussion of Syracuse related stuff and walk away for informed than I did when I arrived. Since I live so far from Syracuse, chances are good I will never meet face to face with anyone here. So simply put, thanks for what you bring to the table. Our regluar interactions here are VITAL to my Syracuse fanatacism.

Happy Holidays and HNY to everyone here. Looking forward to a great final week of 2010 and another great year for Syracuse in 2011.

cheers and  as always, GO ORANGE!

- bloodyyank44

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