Get to Know Your Fellow Magicians - Update 1/5!


Update 1/5:  In a humiliating turn of events, VotePrime has vanished into the night, like the defensive presence of the Michigan Wolverines Football Club.  Our de facto winner is now...  ezcuse!

Dear ezcuse, please email me at

Thank you.



Update 12/29:  Barring a miracle comeback, it looks like our Inaugural GTKYFM will feature VotePrime!  VP, you either have a very loyal following, or you've hacked the SBN polling system and voted for yourself.  Either way, democracy is democrazy!  Please email me at to set up the next step in the process.

For all those lamenting at their lack of votes this time around or just missing the cut on their nominations, WORRY YOU NOT.  I'm keeping a catalogue of opt-ins and will be back around seeking the next submission in less than a month.  


Since the dawn of the Interwebs, a virtual species known at "Posteri Anonymous" has flourished.  This species, much like a camouflaged lizard, relies on a cloak of invisibility for its primary defense mechanism as it scavenges, trolls, and slithers its way along its habitat.  The more predatory types of Posteri Anonymous also utilize an attack mechanism known as "flaming."  This mechanism preys on the unsuspecting by defecating poisonous prose to imbalance the ecosystem and render its cohabitants sterile in intelligence; causing an anarchic spiral of suffering and self-destruction.


However, the "magic" portion of the Nunesmagician namesake has proven to be a potent antidote to the venom spewed forth by Posteri Anonymous.  In a testament to its resilience, the Nunesmagician community has largely avoided the trappings of Posteri Anonymous by providing entertaining and enthusiastic content and commentary, along with mature debate on all things Orange.  This has promoted to a refugee camp of sorts to its loyal community.  Without it, many of us would be susceptible to the pangs of humiliating flamewars ubiquitous on other websites, which can be especially lethal in the dark, blustery winter months.

I would like to recognize this extraordinary achievement by proposing a new feature on Nunesmagician:  Get to Know your Fellow Magicians.

The idea is that each month, I will conduct an interview with a prominent community member to further unveil his or her identity and wage war against Posteri Anonymous.  I will sort through the rich and varied profile information provided by SBN to build a comprehensive and humanizing representation of his or her interesting contributions, be they posts, comments, pictures, or videos.  

We will make this an interactive effort, as well.  From a logistics standpoint, the idea is to  take nominations on 3-5 opt-in candidates and poll the community on who should be the next featured magician.
I understand that this content is self-serving and outside the main focus of this exceptional website, but it is my firm belief that this level of interaction will empower community relations while proactively striking against the looming threat of Posteri Anonymous.

Fellow Magicians, commence the nominations for the Inaugural "GTKYFM."  (and please, do not expand that acronym into a perverse command).  I will put it up to a vote once I have a handful of opt-in candidates.


  I've updated within this thread with a poll... you have until December 30 to vote and I will then conduct a thorough research & interview effort.  Best of luck!  (Also, if you want to pull out of the poll, let me know!) 

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