Where Are We Watching Syracuse vs. Louisville?

Before we get to the places the rest of us are watching the game, let's chat about the Dome attendance on Saturday.

According to Danny Parkins, the Dome is "looking around 40,000ish" with over 1,500 tickets going to troops (nice).  With that has come the requisite bellyaching and moaning that we SU fans do so well.

You know I'm the first one to complain about Dome attendance, especially when the Orange give you every reason to go. That said, I think we've just about exhausted our venom for non-ticket buying Syracuse fans. Here's the thing you have to remember...the 2010 season was originally all about the 2011 season.

I mean that, this was supposed to be the year Syracuse gets a little better in preparation for 2011 when the program really starts to take off. The good news is, the team is ahead of schedule. The bad news is, the fanbase is still operating on that schedule.

Yes, the Orange are 6-2 and on the verge of a bowl game. Yes, there are ticket deals so good, SU is practically giving them away trying to fill that stadium. But at the end of the day there are fans of this program who are just too jaded and have been burnt too many times for them to make the effort in 2010. I'm not saying it's right or good, I'm just saying it is what it is.

I think the Dome is going about it in a pretty smart way. These crazy ticket deals might not sell out the place but they're getting a LOT of butts in those seats. A lot of people in the Dome will be there only because of the great deals. And by getting them in the building now, they're that much more likely to return next year when the Orange are coming off a bowl-winning* season and primed to compete for the Big East title.

NEXT YEAR, we're going to have sellouts. Especially the first home game. Next year is when all of this year's hard work will pay off in the stands. And I think SU Athletics sees this. As much as they don't want to see any silver seats this weekend, they realize this is their shot to think long-term about rebuilding this fanbase.

Plus, you'll have a lot of jaded seniors graduating, replaced by a lot of excited freshman dying to watch a quality football team play. Otto's Army is going to have a field day.

In closing, we are not the worst fanbase in the country. We are a fanbase, which by nature is fickle and prone to disbelief when your team has been so bad for so long. And by the way, the Dome might not be sold out but there's going to be 40-45K screaming, yelling, crazed Syracuse fans actually in the building...we should probably focus on them instead.

(All of this said, if the Dome isn't sold out when I'm there in three weeks, I will straight-up murder EVERYONE)

Alright, so, where are those of us too cheap or too far away to buy a ticket watching the game. You know the drill by now. If there's something missing or out-dated, let me know. Do yourself a favor and check to make sure the place is showing the game before driving across town to find their only showing Funny Car races.

Seattle folks, I'll see you at LTD. The rest of you...God speed.

Albany, NY - Recovery Sports Grill

Atlanta, GA - Hudson Grille (Brookhaven)

Baltimore, MD - Field House (Canton Neighborhood)

Boston, MA - Game On!

Boston, MA - Pour House

Boynton Beach, FL - Miller's Ale House

Brockport, NY - C & S Saloon

Buffalo, NY - Benchwarmers

Burbank, CA - Barney's Beanery

Camarillo, CA - Ric's Restaurant

Capetown, South Africa - Stones Long Street

Charlotte, NC - Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

Chicago, IL - Gamekeepers

Cicero, NY - Buffalo Wild Wings

Denver, CO - Blake Street Tavern

Eastwood, NY - Chadwicks

El Paso, TX - Brew!

Fairport, NY - Shooter's

Fayetteville, NY - J.P. Mulligan's

Gainesville, FL - Mother's Pub

Hartford, CT - The Half Door

Hoboken, NJ - The Shannon

Hoboken, NJ - Wicked Wolf

Hollywood, CA - Capitol City Sports

Indianapolis, IN - Majors Sports Cafe (Carmel)

London, England - The Sports Cafe

Manhattan, NY (East Village) - Professor Thoms

Manhattan, NY (Upper East Side) - East End Bar and Grill

Manhattan, NY (Midtown) - The Blarney Rock

Manhattan, NY (Murray Hill) - The Hill

Miami, FL (Davie) - Miller's Boca East Alehouse & Miller's Davie Alehouse

Newport Beach, CA - Sharkeez

Northern NJ - Miami Mike’s Sports Bar

Old Forge, NY - TOW Bar

Philadelphia, PA - Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse 

Portland, OR - Macadam's Bar & Grill

Raleigh/Durham - Backyard Bistro

Richmond, VA - Champps (Stony Point)

Rochester, NY - Anchor Bar

San Diego, CA - Players Sports Bar

San Francisco, CA - Kezar Sports Pub

Santa Monica, CA - Barney's Beanery

Sante Fe, NM - The Catamount

Saratoga, NY - The Local Pub & Teahouse

Seattle, WA LTD Bar & Grill (Fremont)

Seneca Falls, NY - Dewey's 3rd Ward Tavern (hang with Kenny!)

Tampa, FLBeef O’Brady’s (Palm Harbor)

Utica, NY - Nail Creek Pub & Brewery

Venice, FL - Bogey's Sports Pub

Watertown, NY - The Tilted Kilt

Washington, D.C. - Sign of the Whale (official Alum spot and TNIAAM-approved No. 1 choice)

Washington, D.C. - The 18th Amendment (The Keyhole)

Washington, D.C. - The Pour House (Capitol Hill)

Washington, D.C. - Ventnors (Adams Morgan)

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