If the season ended today, post-Week 12 2010

Few changes in the top 10 (only loss was Nebraska; the top 3 teams did not play), so again only small changes this week.

(boilerplate for this series follows)

This series, unlike my Bowl Projections series, is based on the current BCS standings, and my estimation of how bowl selection committees would react to the current standings if they were present at the end of the season. In my estimation, what bowls value is, in order

  1. Protecting relationships with conferences
  2. Out of town fans in the seats
  3. Local fans in the seats
  4. TV viewers
  5. Novelty
  6. Providing a good game

However, the bowls have various agreements to take certain teams under certain rules, so Ohio State and USC don't just play in the Rose Bowl every year no matter what happens in the regular season.

Unless it's extremely improbable (or impossible) that the highest-ranked team in the BCS standings can win a conference, the highest-ranked team in a conference is considered its projected champion in this series.

Teams in Italics have guaranteed a bid. Teams in Bold have guaranteed a bid to a specific game (or come so close that's a virtual guarantee).

BCS Bowls

BCS Title: #2 Auburn (SEC) vs. #1 Oregon (P10)
Rose: #7 Wisconsin (B10) vs. #3 TCU (MWC/autobid as highest-ranked non-BCS champ; assigned to Rose with Big Ten or Pac 10 team in BCS title game)
Sugar: #5 LSU (at-large) vs. #4 Boise State (at-large)
Orange: #16 Virginia Tech (ACC) vs #8 Ohio State (at-large)
Fiesta:  #9 Oklahoma State (B12) vs. NR West Virginia (Big East)

Here's the logic:

Auburn and Oregon are the top 2 schools in the BCS rankings. Auburn secured a spot in the SEC championship game with its win yesterday, while South Carolina its position as the SEC East champion; a single loss by Auburn likely would move them out of the BCS Championship game, but they would still likely go to a BCS bowl (certain if they lost to 'Bama and beat South Carolina in the rematch in Atlanta; merely likely if South Carolina pulls off the upset in the SEC Championship Game). Oregon hasn't quite clinched the Pac 10 title yet, but will with a win or a Stanford loss next week. The Ducks likely would not be an at-large candidate if they failed to win the Pac 10.

Wisconsin goes the Rose as Big Ten champion. Oklahoma State goes to the Fiesta as Big 12 champion, replacing Nebraska after the Huskers lost to Texas A&M. Virginia Tech goes to the Orange as ACC champion.

West Virginia is the highest-rated Big East team this week, though outside the top 25 again (projected, but I want to get these up before does the math and puts up the extended BCS rankings); West Virginia has the most poll votes, and the only computer that ranks Pitt also ranks WVU after FCS teams and USC are eliminated).

As the highest-ranked champion of a non-AQ conference, TCU gets an autobid. Because Oregon is in the BCS title game, the one-time special rule sending a non-AQ team to the Rose Bowl applies, so they go there.

To replace Auburn, the Sugar takes the best available SEC team; LSU is the next-ranking SEC team and almost local.

With the first at-large selection, the Sugar selects Boise State.I've been persuaded that especially with LSU in the game to ensure a sellout, the Sugar would take Boise.

The Orange Bowl considers its options for a small fraction of a second, then selects Ohio State and does the dance of joy.

The Fiesta then has no choice but to select the Big East champion, so West Virginia goes to Glendale to face Oklahoma State. If this happens, one hopes the 'eers treat the Cowboys just like they did Oklahoma State's in-state rival in their last BCS game appearance.

I've decided to stop doing Big East bowls in this series when my projected Big East champion and the current leader are the same, since the bowls picks don't have much to do with standings in any case.

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