Know your foe: Canisius

Sorry for the delay; I was out late last night celebrating, among other things, Syracuse playing in a bowl game this year.  But nonetheless we have a basketball game to play.  Our opponent?  The Golden Griffins of Canisius.


History: Canisius was founded in 1870 because of a lot of German Jesuits moving to the Buffalo area after the failed 1848 Revolutions in Europe. 

Location: Buffalo, NY.  There are no bison in the area, and there are many theories as to why the city was named Buffalo.  One was that the city was a mispronounciaiton of a French word, the other was the Buffalo creek, and there was a rumor that someone tried to pass off horsemeat as bison. The city was originally inhabited by the greatest civilization to ever come forth.  They were called the Neutral people, which means they have more comon sense than anyone else.  The Senecas then settled the area and kicked out the Neutrals, and at some point after the Europeans arrived and established a city.  In 1812 the Brits burned the city down.  After the Erie Canal was completed the city's population surged.  Buffalo thrived as a port and as a terminus of the Underground Railroad, namely at the Macedonia Baptist Church.  In 1896, the world's largest office building was built in Buffalo, the Elicott Square Building (in 1912 a bigger building was built).  The city was a manufacturing center until after World War II, when urban decay happened.  The new economy is mostly tourist based around nearby Niagara Falls.

Academics: Canisius is tiny, with only 3.3k undergrads and 1.7k grads.  The school is ranked 20th in US News' North Regional rankings.  They have a business school and a school of education.

Notable Alumni: Not a name on the list that you might know, not even in athletics.  A bunch of retired and active CEOs, including those of Verizon, the Disney Channel, and Warner Bros have connections to Canisius.


Pageantry: Canisus's mascot is called the Golden Griffin.  In 1932, Charles Brady wrote a piece for Canisius' newspaper about Buffalo's centennial, and he wrote about Le Griffon, the first ship to sail the upper Great Lakes that was built in Buffalo.  The name stuck and Canisius adopted the name as a mascot.  The name is unique to Canisius across all divisions.  The colors are blue and gold, and, of course, the gold is more YELLOW than gold.

Canisius' fight song is called "Canisius Blue and Gold."


Drive Canisius, Strive Canisius
Fight, Canisius Griffs
Hear Canisius, Cheer Canisius
While We Win Again
Add a Story to the Glory
Of the Blue and Gold
For God and Alma Mater
Let Our Hearts Be Brave and Bold

Cheer for the Blue
And Cheer for the Gold
As Griffin Banners Fly On High
Come on Canisius Griffs,
Let’s Fill the Sky
With Our Griffin Battle Cry
And From Our Golden Dome,
Our College Home,
We’ll March to the Fray
And With Honor and Might,
Win a Victory Tonight,
In the Great Canisius Way!

Go Griffs!


Athletics: Canisius competes in the MAAC for all sports except ice hockey, which plays in the Atlantic Hockey Association.  They competed for a time in the Western NY Little 3 and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic North Atlantic Conference.


John Beilein made his Division I debut at Canisius before going to West Virginia; he was there from 1992 to 1997, during which time they made an NCAA appearance (1996) and two NIT appearances the years before.  They were in three other NCAA tournaments from 1955-1957.  They had great seasons during that time with guard John McCarthy.  During that time, Fran Corcoran hit a buzzerbeater in overtime to beat NC State.


Canisius' lacrosse team had its best success in 2008 when it went to the NCAA tournament and lost, of course, to Team Mike Levele.

Rival: In 2006, Canisius and Niagara established the Battle of the Bridge, an all sports competition between the schools.  Niagara owns the basketball series 90-73 or 94-71, depending who you ask.


Outlook: Sorry this is so short, but I was really busy plus there's not much on Canisius anyway.  Anyway, hopefully Dion Waiters can continue to develop, and I don't know whether it was Melo or just Higgins, but something needs to improve with him.  This will be an opportunity to separate Jim Boeheim's 8 man rotation.  Go Orange!


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