Well That Was Enjoyable: Syracuse 73, Georgetown 56

via media.syracuse.com

Early on in Monday night's contest, when the score was 14-0 Georgetown, a panic went up through the Carrier Dome rafters.  And beyond to all of the Syracuse fans around the country.  Good God, had we been duped this whole time?  Where we about to be exposed?  Would the collapse begin here and now? Syracuse fans hadn't been this pumped for a home game in years...and finally, like always seems to happen, it looked like reality was going to set in.

From then on out, Wes, Andy, Kris, Scoop and the rest of the team set out to prove to Georgetown, those in the Dome and the rest of us that it was nothing more than a temporary lapse.  Syracuse would outscore the Hoyas 73-42 from there on out en route to a 73-56 victory in the Dome.

Wes Johnson posted a solid all-around game with 14 points, nine rebounds, four blocks and three steals, as No. 4 Syracuse handed seventh-ranked Georgetown a 73-56 defeat at the Carrier Dome.

"We recovered from the worst start that I can remember," said Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, who recorded his 32nd 20-win season in 34 years at the helm. "Our defense picked up and we finally got our offense going a little bit...To dominate a top-ten team in the country after giving them 14 points is quite an effort."

Andy Rautins and Kris Joseph each scored 15 points, with the former adding six assists and six steals for the Orange, who made 53.3 percent from the floor. Scoop Jardine posted nine points and four assists in the victory.

Actually Jim, I can think of a worse start, cause I was there.  Back in '98 I believe, the Orange let Providence score just north of 20 before finally scoring themselves and letting the fans finally sit down to "enjoy" themselves. 

The win moves Syracuse to 20-1 and 7-1 in the conference.  That's the 32nd 20-win season for Boeheim (in 34 years) and it also pushes Boeheim past Jim Calhoun for sixth in D-1 wins.

So what was it that turned this game around?  Who's to thank for getting the Orange back on track when they needed it most, down 14-0?  Who else...team leader Jim Boeheim and floor leader Andy Rautins.

After a timeout where Jim Boeheim and Andy Rautins passionately told this team to get their collective heads out of their collective you know whats, the Orange responded to that seemingly phantom 14-0 opening sequence by the Hoyas with an 8-0 run, including a rare three-pointer from Scoop Jardine that showed the first signs of Orange life. Scoop was also key in the comeback in scoring six straight points at one point to cut the Georgetown lead down to 20-18.

The real story on the day...the fans.  I was saying it all last night but it bears repeating...I haven't seen this fanbase mobilize like that in a long time.  Maybe ever?  With SixOvertimes.com, there wasn't this kind of build-up.  With the Sweet Sixteen, it was all build-up, no pay-off.  But this...it gave Syracuse fans everything they wanted.  We got to hype it up, we got to puff our our chests and we got to celebrate when it was all over.  And khadooz to everyone for putting in the effort...it was noticeable to anyone paying attention.  (By the way, announced crowd of 26,508...does seem smaller than expected, right?  I would have thought it was 28-29K for sure.  Whatever.)

More links after the jump.  We'll get to the vids and photos shortly.  Just remember one thing about this game...we put in Brandon Reese.  Against Georgetown.  You got REESE'D, Georgetown.  Good God.

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