This team deserves better from the fans

I am not entirely sure how to word this email. I will ramble at times,
I'm sure. I'll try to stay focused on my point, but if I go off on a
tangent, please bear with me.

I grew up in Rochester, NY. I have been attending Syracuse games for
26 years now. Save for a couple family members, my entire extended
family lives in Syracuse. I now live more than 1000 miles away in
Memphis, TN. My life and profession have taken me here by way of
Charlotte, NC for five years prior to this June. I am the nostalgic
type -- seems that I have an old soul. I remember the "good old days"
of Cuse football -- Don McPherson and Tim Green and Rob Burnett and
Tommy Kane and Michael Owens and Billy Scharr and Kirby Dar Dar and
Marvin Graves and so on and so on and so on. Never -- not even in the
past four seasons -- have I ever felt anything but pride for the
football team.

And maybe this is easy for me -- to be on the outside looking in.
Maybe it's easy for me to say, what with me being so far away, and so
far removed from the situation there in Central NY. On Saturday, I
called my brother up during the 1st Quarter to lambaste the SU fans
for what the fans there call "support". That was a JOKE on
Saturday...the sparse crowd, the booing, the lack of ANY energy
whatsover. the past 22 months, I've been out of work for 10. I know
firsthand how tough things have gotten for a number of families and
professionals all over the country, and Syracuse is no exception. I
realize that money is tight and that attending an SU game may not be
high on your list of things to do. But I have to believe that there
are people who can swing the 10 ducats for a ticket. As a fanbase,
we've done nothing short of put the administration on a skewer and
grill them up. But here we are...8 games into Coach Marrone's first --
FIRST -- season, and there are 30,000 or so (looked like 22k on TV) at
a game against a Top 10 football team. Without being dramatic, that is
simply not acceptable. Not at SU. Maybe at Vandy or Duke or Indiana,
but NOT Syracuse. This is a proud program rich with tradition. And
while that tradition includes grainy, black and white footage from the
1950's and 60's, moreso, this is a program that was 14th in winning
percantage from 1987-2001. There are only a handful of programs that
can boast that type of success during ANY 15 year period. And yes,
that WAS at the start of this decade. And the dissenters may throw at
me that here we are in 2009, and it sure does feel like a 3-9 season
on the horizon. I say hogwash. These kids play their asses off, and
this staff - led by a Syracuse alum - works it's ass off and has very
solid gameplans week in and week out. You can see that pieces are
being put in place. This team brings the wood on D, and let's face it
-- without those turnovers inside the Cincy 10 yd line, that is a
completely different game.

Syracuse is behind the curve regarding their talent. And I don't want
to hear about how this team "raised expectations" with their play
early in the season. Greg Robinson's teams were close too, but would
end up packing it in at times because they weren't tough enough to
handle the adversity. This team has been out of ONE game all year.
They very easily could be 5-3 right now. WIth essentially the same
group of kids from last year.

At the end of the day....Greg Paulus is one of our own. He's a
Syracuse kid. He came home to help the program and play some football.
And SU Fan boos him? What a crock of shit. Disgusting. Look, I will
boo the hell out of UConn and Rutgers and West Virginia -- oooh, I
hate me some Mountaineers -- but to boo your own players??? HORSESHIT.
Complete horseshit. Greg Paulus and Delone Carter and Ryan Bartholemew
and Arthur Jones and Derrell Smith and everyone else deserves...AND
NEEDS...our support. To bail on those kids -- to rag on your own
fucking team -- is totally UNACCEPTABLE and, frankly, embarrassing. If
you want to bash Coach Marrone or DOCTOR Daryl Gross or Nancy Cantor,
or Rob Spence, then fine. They're professionals and they make some
big-time decisions and some big-time money and should be put under the
microscope and questioned. I've got no problem with that. I have to
agree with you, Sean -- good riddance to the students who are
graduating, and everyone else who doesn't attend the games right now
-- to hell with them, too.

I see a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel that has been so
dark and long since 2005. I can see it from 1000 miles away. And I
know Sean can see it from 2800 miles away. Coach Marrone has been
upfront and straight forward and taken full responsibility ever since
he's shown up.

The lack of class and dignity by SU Fan sucks. I'm tired of the boos
and the fickleness of them all. So, SU Fan -- Don't show up when SU
starts competing for the Big East title. And don't show up for tickets
when they make a bowl game. You stay home and you watch your SEC
football or Notre Dame or Big Ten football or whoever the fuck it is
that holds your interest more than a team who is in your backyard
playing hard and giving top programs fits every Saturday.

The Dome will rock again. Kids will want to come to Syracuse again. I
believe that. Truly, I do. And Coach Marrone is the one who will lead
the way.

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