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#BeatCincy, cause its not like any Cincy bloggers exist to say otherwise.

#BeatCincy because who knows when the hell the next time will be SU will give students free admission to a game.

Cincinnati's sports teams were established to make Cleveland's look like dynasties #beatcincy

Cincinnati - where even Kenyon Martin can graduate #BeatCincy

Youkilis is a Cincy alum. Explains why he's such a DB #beatcincy

Cincy has female talent only Steve Phillips can appreciate #beatcincy

Cincinnati residents credited w/bringing the terms "you don't know me" and "Maury that baby ain't mine" to daytime tv #beatcincy

Cincinnati. Where chili on spaghetti is a five star meal. Yummy!! #BeatCincy

Cincinnati - where even Jerry Springer can be mayor #beatcincy

Cincinnati: When Canton is above your means. #BeatCincy

#BeatCincy Cincinnati, one step above Akron since 1788.

One word: Cincinntucky. #BeatCincy

When miami of ohio turns you down #BeatCincy

Cincinnati: where a 0% graduation rate is acceptable. #BeatCincy

When the biggest local attraction is something called "the big butter jesus" #BeatCincy

Cincy is a town where Pete Rose's hairstyle is still considered cool. #BeatCincy

UC chose the Bearcat as their mascot. The first choice "Nasty Nati the Stripper" hit too close to home for much of the faculty #beatcincy

Cincinnatians practice santeria. #BeatCincy

Someday the Bearcats will look back at this season and say "Hey, remember when we were almost relevant for a few weeks?" #BeatCincy

SunndyD providing our nations kids with unhealthy levels of HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP since 1964, creating in cincy! #beatcincy

Many Cincy students resort to stripping to regain their self-respect #beatcincy

Cincinnati: America's skin-tag #BeatCincy

the most popular meal at the taste of cincinnati is the cock meat sammich #beatcincy

Cincinnati-Where the word "vibrant" is banned #beatcincy

Cause its not the fault of the Northeastern liberal Jew-run media elite. It's all been Cincinnati. #BeatCincy

What is the difference between a pig and a cincinnati coed? There are some things a pig will not do. #beatcincy

What do Zach Collaros and Belladonna have in common? Both are likely to be punished by a large group of men this weekend. #BeatCincy

Syracuse will #BeatCincy because disappointment is an Ohio tradition.

Cincinnati... still not Akron! #BeatCincy

Cincinnati: When you're on your way to Cleveland... why not! #BeatCincy

Urban Meyer is a Cincy grad. He left as soon as he could. #BeatCincy

When Sarah Jessica Parker is the best female alumni you have, you got problems #beatcincy

Where lives are better for pregnant tweens #beatcincy

Mike Tirico and Bob Costas > Cris Collinsworth #beatcincy

Cincinnati started calling itself the "Queen City" after holding a contest for "least fitting nickname ever." #BeatCincy

Cincinnati is the old algonquin word for "Disappointment" #BeatCincy

The Bearcats baseball team plays at Marge Schott Stadium. I swear to fucking god that's true. #BeatCincy

Bearcats: For when you are that indecisive about what you want in a mascot. #BeatCIncy

Cincinnati: where even Kentucky draws the line #BeatCincy

Unlike the cities of the other teams we play, I really know nothing about Cincy. And there you have it. #BeatCincy

Cincinnati - where they don't even realize they have a football team. #beatcincy

I always remember that Cincinnati has three n's, three i's, and a shit-ton of fuckheads. #BeatCincy

Cincinnati has a very high rate of enlistment in the army, because people would rather be in Iraq than Cincinnati #BeatCincy

Fluffers are the Cincinnati stimulus program #beatcincy

#BeatCincy because Tully's Tenders > Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati has a very distinct smell. It's like poverty and a hint of sewage treatment. #BeatCincy

University of Cincinnati, educating the future's bagboys #BeatCincy

The name of their pro indoor soccer team is the Cincinnati Excite. That doesn't even make sense. #BeatCincy

Cincinnati: Where statutory rape is socially acceptable: http://bit.ly/T4KQn #BeatCincy

HBO cancelled "John From Cincinnati." The State of Ohio could learn a lesson from the cable outfit. #BeatCincy

3 Doors Down's music video "It's Not My Time" was filmed in Cincinnati. 3 Door's Down, people! #BeatCincy

I'm sorry, @cincyartmuseum. Reproduction prints of "Where's Waldo" scenes do not count as culture. #BeatCincy

WKRP? How about WKRAP! #BeatCincy

cincinnati, making morgantown seem like like culture capital of the world since 1985 #BeatCincy

Cincy's original name was "Losantiville", which means "the city opposite the mouth of the Licking River." Good for you. #BeatCincy

Hey, go easy on Cincy. My father and brother are from Cincy - so what if they are one in the the same guy. #BeatCincy

The swine flu won't even go to cincinnati #BeatCincy

People in toledo make fun of cincinnati #BeatCincy

The only good thing to come from Cincy was "WKRP in Cincinnati", and that was made in Los Angeles. #BeatCincy

People in cincinnati think mlb umpires are doing a fine job #BeatCincy

Cincinnati has a thing called the "Cincinnati Boychoir". Inappropriate. #BeatCincy

Cincinnati - the Cleveland of South Ohio #beatcincy

Cincinnati has an incomplete subway system. Workers stopped when they realized it was for Cincinnati. #BeatCincy

Spell "Cincinnati." "C-I-N-C-F-U-C-K-Y-O-U." #BeatCincy

Cincinnati: Now with 300% less DUI's since Huggins left. #BeatCincy

What's the best part about Cincinnati? Leaving. #BeatCincy

Huggins didn't drink for pleasure - he drank because he was in Cincinnati #BeatCincy

A zombie apocalypse would never happen in Cincinnati. There aren't any people to infect. #BeatCincy

The zombie apocalypse happened in Cincinnati in 1997. Nothing really changed so we just moved on. #BeatCincy

Nick Nolte got arrested again and used the Bearcat logo for his mugshot #beatcincy

The original plot of LOST found the survivors of Flight 815 stranded in Cincinnati. They all committed suicide within a day. #BeatCincy

Originally The Thing was not an awesome John Carpenter movie, but what they called Susan from Cincinnati. #BeatCincy

The Nick Lachey Men's basketball facility will be up and running in 2014 #beatcincy

Not even Balloon Boy's crazy dad would have anything fly over Cincinnati. #BeatCincy

Paranormal Activity originally was set in Cincinnati but they couldn't find an instance of an attic not containing a hobo. #BeatCincy

Boomer Esiason was the hottest blonde in Cincy back in '92 #beatcincy

Cincinnati, even Canada wouldn't take it off our hands. #beatcincy

District-9 was not a Hollywood movie, it was a documentary about the residents of Cincinnati trying to escape. #BeatCincy

"Law Abiding Citizen" flopped in Cincinnati because no one could grasp that concept. #BeatCincy

When your abducted in a van, you actually enter Cincinnati. It's like Narnia's closet. #beatcincy

David Hasselhoff is more popular in Cincinnati than he is in Germany #BeatCincy

#BeatCincy because Joe Morgan once played baseball in Cincinnati and maybe if he didn't, he would not be broadcasting now.

Cincinnati Is full of Stachybotryotoxicosis #beatcincy

#BeatCincy cause I can't stand the thought of them getting blown out by a 3-loss ACC team in the Orange Bowl.

#BeatCincy because although they're ranked # 8 their fan base can only muster one response to our hashtag. And it was not funny or clever

Cincy is for lovers...at least the type that share hypodermics and std's #beatcincy

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