People, whats going on here? Am I the only one far enough away to smell our own shit????????Look there is a reason that most of us have had this thought.........

Final note, I don't remember hearing some of these names. This staff must be doing a lot more work than we realize (or at least than I realized). Kudos to them for a big weekend.

Recently we have been surprised by names, and not just one or two, but a preety decent list at first glance. Its called shock and awe, we practiced it in  the Marine Corps, Cops use this tenchique often. Now it seems as though Syracuse Football is using this as well, lets all just hope they do it on the feild too. Overwhelm us with decent news qucikly called great news, then move on with the hopes of better news.... A.K.A. David Oku or that big o-lineman possible transfer. By doing that, we forget to examine who we just got.

It really is ingenius, slow period of no news for a few weeks, then BOOM. They hit us with an Ace Hardware commercial, WTF?......... A Madden "boom" always distracts me sorry. Meanwhile, back at the ranch....they hit us with sensory overload.

Now everyone take three steps back, a deep breath

     1)    If I said last year, we won a recruit who was chosing between App St and Middle Tenn St., would we have been happy with that?

     2)     What if I told you this last year, Peterson said he picked the Orange over offers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Cincinnati, Akron, Bowling Green and Ohio University.  Now consider Michigan was 3-8 and Wisconsin under-performed all year.

     3)      How bout if we traded, our head coach for Michgan D Coordinator, who just coached gifted players to a 3-8 record and one of the 20 worst defenses in college football, and probably the worst ever to wear the Maize and Blue.

     4)       Our new offensive coordinator, lead an offense picked to win the happless ACC last year. Coordinated them straight to the unemployment office, remeber Clemson was a preseaon top 10 team and finished strong after Mr. spence got fired.

     5)        All these Tennessee transplants, with the weather advantage and tradition, the huge stadium; if they couldnt recruit players to that place how they gonna do it here?

     6)        Now what if we were told that our savior, our brand new qb hand picked by our new head coach, what if he was the 165 rated player in the country?Of course not overall rating , just the 156th best high school senior qb as rated by

     7)        Again the fourth of our quad-coup this weekend has offers from only Central Mich, Western Mich and Colorado St. From the Dept. of Redundacy Dept., are these really the caliber recruits that will turn Cuse around?

     8)        Dougie Pooh, you all are pretty intelligent, with only a few exceptions on this site. Im not gonna rehash him and his lack of play calling expirience as an offensive........ almost did it, not gonna do it.

I'll take the time to say, the fact that Loeb is ridiculously good looking is a plus. When you consider that NFL teams facially profile the qbs coming out of college, because for some strange reason good looking people make better qbs. And this 6-4 D End out of Georgia looks decent and Oku chooosing us might just sell even me on this staff. Just remember, Antione Pierce and last years Mike Williams.

    Come to mention it, our enthusiasm should be centered, squarley on Mike Williams and Arthur Jones. Dougie Pooh lucked out having cornerstones like these 2 studs

      They say " the hottest fire makes the strongest steel" dont forget, "if you leave that steel in the fire for too long, it will melt and smother the flames"  Numbers 1-8 all reasons to not invest your life savings into a potentially crashing stock market.

Understand I love SU, my family hates me when they lose. I want them to win. But come on people, reality is calling, we could be looking at G-rob part 2. Central NY is a much nicer place to live when we win. Come on guys i cant be the only rational person here,let me know. 


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