So let's quickly get up to speed on this whole Oklahoma Football Message Board Rumor fiasco, shall we? Wizard of Odds, help us out:
James Conradt, a Nebraska fan living in Austin, finds himself in considerable trouble today. On Wednesday, Conradt lifted a template off the website of the Oklahoman and created a bogus page and story about Sooner quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Landry Jones being arrested on cocaine distribution charges. Conradt then posted the story on a message board and it was soon reported as fact on at least two Texas radio stations.
Oofa. Dumb thing to do. No doubt about that. Especially considering Jones' Dad is now in the process of prosecuting Conradt "to the fullest extent of the law."

So who's to blame here? Conradt? Nope, he's just a
cog in the machine. The real menace? Online message boards. Or at least, so says Berry Tramel, columnist for The Oklahoman. Please, do yourself a favor and watch him spit the truth:

Jesus Fucking Christ. Here we go...
"Anyone who frequents a message board is an accomplice to this crime. Maybe you don't talk smack. Maybe you don't toss out wild accusations. Maybe you don't make outrageous claims meant only to incite the masses. It doesn't matter. You're still driving the getaway car."
So an online message board is really a forum, right? A place for people of like-minded ideas and interests to gather and discuss any old topic that comes to mind. So really, it's no different than if a bunch of fans got together in a Denny's parking lot every day at 3pm to discuss their favorite team (expect for the racial slurs eminating from within the restaurant). The only real difference is that there's written record of what's said on a message board. So when you're hanging out in the Denny's parking lot and you say "Greg Robinson sucks my hairy balls," it exists for a moment and then that moment is gone forever. When you write that in a message board, it's there until the end of time...or at least until the admin deletes it.

Now if during one of those Denny's sessions, someone brings along their jerkoff friend who just wants to talk about idiotic things and tell bad jokes about the sexual proclivities of your team's QB, you just zone him out. Go about your business. And if it gets bad enough, you ask him to leave. And if it gets really bad, you all beat the crap out of him.

In a message board, it's actually simpler. You just complain to the person in charge and that person is banned. Sure, they can sign up again under a different name but sooner or later they'll get the boot again. Point is, 95% of the people there aren't there to be assholes, they just either put up with the assholes or kick the assholes right in the asshole so that asshole leaves. Is it my fault that the asshole showed up in the first place? He heard about a group of people hanging out at Denny's talking about a topic he's interested in. I get why he showed up. But once he start's talking garbage it's not my fault that he's an asshole.
"Message boards are a weapon. Haven for people to carry out anonymous attacks."
I just stopped over at the Scout.com Syracuse football board and the top five stories on the board were a collection of news articles related to the team, a discussion about which games the Orange will win this season, a discussion about the severity of Averin Collier's injury, a link to embroidered seat cushions and a discussion about the RB and DE positions.


And yes, in a not so thinly-vieled way, Berry Tramel just compared sports message boarders to terrorists. Godwin's Law, ye have been invoked!
They've got no more redeeming qualities than a porn site. And that's no hyperbole.
I'm sorry you're so repressed Berry, and I think the fact that your name is Berry might have something to do with it, but most of us can think of at least a few redeeming qualities from porn sites. And I'm not talking about hyperbole either. I'm talking about boobies.
If you're on the message boards, get off them...if there are decent people on a message board, it's a valid question, then they're only giving an audience and encouragement to the perpitrators. It's not much of an argument.
So to be clear, if I'm on an airplane having a conversation with my seatmates about, I don't know, the current housing market, and the guy in front of me turns around and starts yelling obscenities at us for no reason, the correct response would be for me to open the hatch and jump out into the stratosphere, plunging to my death?

Cool, just wanted to be sure on that.
I've always been working under the assumption that if you have a majority of good people and a small minority of bad ones, the vast majority should up and move to accomodate them. Glad you could clear that up for me.
Message boards are a huge problem in college sports, as we found out on Wednesday. Both OSUOU identified message boards in a constant thorn in their efforts to run quality and dignified athletics departments.
Oh my God. Berry, please pull your head out of the asses of OSU and OU's athletic department long enough to realize what a stupid statement that is.

When you say OSU's athletic program is diginifed, is
this what you mean? Or was it this? And Oklahoma University? Are you seriously going to make me list every shady thing they've ever done in the name of athletics? If you honestly believe that these behemoth athletic departments are "the good guys" and passionate fans are "the bad guys," you are more jaded and unreasonable that I could possibly imagine.
What's the solution? It's for the decent people to abandon the peep show. If you're on a message board, you're part of the problem.
That's it. If all the decent people on the message boards would just stop visiting them, college athletics would ascend to a utopian world where everyone goes undefeated, Miami, FSU, Florida and FIU players could join hands in harmony and we'd all be national champions (expect in the Sagarin...fucking Boise...)

Berry, there is a lot of things wrong with college athletics and "jerks on message boards" is about 578th on the list. I'm sorry your newspaper was involved in this guy's little scam but that's hardly an excuse for your vitrolic, unsubstantiated rant that serves no one other than your buddies in Stillwater who you're golfing with this weekend.

Now we know. Voicing your opinion is not the right of the average American. That right is reserved for people who make over $100,000 a year and people with newspaper columns...who NEVER write negative things. Oh and sports radio talkshow hosts...cause they're never negative. Oh and TV personalities like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith...bastions of positivity.

I paraphrase comic Patton Oswalt when I say, "Berry, you are a fucking douchsnozzle. You're going to miss everything cool in life and die angry." Seriously, unwind a little. Go visit a porn site or something. Just leave us alone.

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