The Day The Quest-O-Meter Died

Okay, I'm serious this time. I'm really retiring the Quest-O-Meter until 2008. I swear. No win over Rutgers is bringing it back. Coupled with a win over Buffalo, no way. Including a third-straight win over Pittsburgh....ugh...I don't...I can't...OKAY FINE! Never say never, but chances are, this is the last you'll see of it for a while. Say what you need to say to each other and let's move on the best way I know how. Seeing how fucked we are.

Team: Rutgers
Record: 3-2
Last Week: Lost to Cincy 23-28
How Fucked Are We?: See all those people on the Cincy and South Florida bandwagons? They didn't just appear out of nowhere. They came from the Rutgers bandwagon, which is just holding on to a few stragglers at this point. Still, they're not a bad team. They're just not a good as people blindly assumed they were cause last year's team was good. football polls. Oh and yeah, we're fucked.

Team: Buffalo
Record: 2-4
Last Week: Defeated Ohio 30-10
This Week: Toledo (2-4)
How Fucked Are We?: Buffalo should be striking fear into the heart of every Orange fan. They're not that good...but they are good enough to beat us if we play like we usually do. You thought the West Virginia loss sucked? A loss to the Bulls would be, without a doubt, the lowest point in the history of the program. Just think of it this least you might get to witness history...right? Right? Shoot me, now.

Team: Pittsburgh
Record: 2-3
Last Week: Bye
This Week: Navy (3-2)
How Fucked Are We?: Somehow, this is looking like a better game than Buffalo. The Panthers are pretty much throwing in the towel and Wannstedt is a dead man walking. A loss to a decent Navy squad here would pretty much send the Panthers into a battle for last place with us, a battle I think we may actually win.

Team: #5 South Florida
Record: 5-0
Last Week: Defeated Florida Atlantic 35-23
This Week: Central Florida (3-2)
How Fucked Are We?: Don't be fooled by that score, it was a lot closer than that. Still, that was a trap game if I've ever seen one. An in-state rival pulling in the biggest crowd in its history against a team that just won it's very own "biggest game in school history." The Bulls should be fine until the Cincy game.

Team: UConn
Record: 5-0
Last Week: Bye
This Week: at Virginia (5-1)
How Fucked Are We?: Probably not as much as it seems. UConn will begin its freefall this weekend. They'll be at best 6-4 and more likely 5-5 by the time they come to town. Still, that's a helluva lot better than we'll be.

Team: #15 Cincinnati
Record: 6-0
Last Week: Defeated Rutgers 28-23
This Week: Louisville (3-3)
How Fucked Are We?: I can't believe I actually called it. These Bearcats are for real. They've got showdowns with South Florida and West Virginia looming so don't expect to see them undefeated by the time we meet, but don't expect more than two losses either. It's gonna be an ugly way to end the season.

Your Family Fun Stat of the Week: Syracuse is the worst BCS team in the country in 1st downs/game, time of possession, points against per game and rushing yards against per game.

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